EFL Courses

Business English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Courses in the Workplace for Professionals and senior leadership to Project Managers and Production workers based on accredited methodologies such as Cambridge Business English.


Britain has a unique position on the Global scene attracting talent from across the world. However, the English language skill can fall short of what is required in the workplace today to understand and be understood.


EFL programmes are well established in the UK, but they are based on teaching general English. The Full English Training Company provide English tuition specific for you and your company, using teaching materials specifically using your companies language and work situations. They can be delivered on-site at your premises, or online via zoom, saving you time and travel.


A well conducted English Language course is an important investment in your staff members and we fully understand the importance of getting the best results for your organisation. Realising individuals full potential within the organisation, with them feeling more confident and motivated.