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Due to the current travel restrictions because of the Covid pandemic, these courses have temporarily been suspended until further notice. Once the situation returns to normal, in the meantime please have a look at our online courses.

Completing your education is a fantastic achievement and should be celebrated!

The next challenge you now face is getting a job as a new graduate. 

Getting your degree is not enough, one of the main hurdles you will face is that employers want new hires with some previous industry experience. But to get experience, you need to land your first job!

It can be a tough and difficult obstacle to overcome and you will need specific skills!

So how do you get these skills and experience for landing your dream job?

One purposeful way is to participate in our "The FETC Job Hunting Experience" (TM) 

Graduation Hat Throw

The aim is to help you achieve the following:  


Improve your Business English

so you can write your application and attend your job interview with skills and confidence ​


CV writing skills for foreign job applicants ​


Job interview skills via role playing, simulated interviews, with constructive feedback to you ​


Presentation skills

Employers often ask candidates to do an engaging presentation as part of the interview process. It's important to know how to do, and we can help you.

Personal appearance and your "Personal Brand" 


How to dress so you impress your possible employer  and present yourself in the best possible way Other aspects we will be looking at are;  How to prepare yourself effectively for the job interview; Conducting yourself professionally and with confidence before, during, and after a meeting; Networking effectively and with purpose, when looking for a job. What does your dream job look like and what do you wish to gain from it; Marketing yourself successfully.

Networking is necessary if you wish to raise your profile, open new door, and develop a professional network to support you throughout your career. It is not enough to just turn up at an event and hope people will notice you and begin a conversation with you. You have to take the first step! This can be difficult if you are shy and a bit nervous or uncertain. Becoming good at networking is a skill that you can learn. We can help you develop your “Inner networker”. We even try to arrange a visit for you to the Houses of Parliament at Westminster, which is a great experience to talk about – when you start your own networking!       


Managing your Social Media. The wrong kind of post on Facebook, or comment on Twitter, and picture on Instagram can cost you your next possible job. So learn how to manage these platforms in a positive and constructive way to help your job hunt ​


Inter-Cultural Communication is extremely important in order to avoid cultural misunderstandings and miscommunications, which might get in the way of fulfilling your potential. 

Curriculum Vitae

Writing a good CV ( Curriculum Vitae) and Cover Letter for your Job Application, can seem overwhelming at first, and you might even feel a bit de-motivated at this stage!  But a little bit of effort at this stage can bring you big rewards in the form of

your dream job!

First you need to consider:  

What do you want from your new job and what exactly are you looking for?

Understanding the purpose of a CV and what should you leave out!

What is your employer looking for, between the lines of the job posting?

How to target your CV, Cover Letter, and Job Application for specific job openings

It’s quite normal to get nervous and stressed before, and during, a Job Interview. After all, these are completely ordinary human reaction. But you don’t have to be nervous, if you prepare yourself properly for the interview. You can use it as an opportunity to make a strong impression, and stand out from the other applicants

for the same position.


                                        Gather information and facts in preparation for your interview                                     

                                 Deliver strong personal presentation, emphasising your strengths                                    

Consider key interview questions, and how to answer them correctly

Improve your body language

Practice your interview techniques in a supportive and friendly environment

so that you feel confident and positive when attending your interview

How to ask for feedback after the interview, which you can build upon for your next interview

Casual Business Meeting

Effective Networking and a strong Personal Brand go hand in hand.

You may be good at Networking, but if you don't leave a strong and memorable

first impression on people whom you meet, they may still forget you after a short while.

Just like a good company brand, your Personal Brand should be memorable! 




Develop your professional support network for helping you in your career development 

Get new inspiration and ideas for your career aspirations                                   

Open new doors for yourself in your career path

Build strong and genuine relationships with other people

Develop your confidence by knowing what your speciality is and how to link that to your Personal Brand

Distinguishing yourself from others in a positive way

To further gain experience, take a look at our Internship page