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One-to-one Courses

During the Covid lockdown we have seen an increased demand for our courses.

Due to the Covid pandemic, our clients have asked us to deliver our English Language Course online in a virtual environment. Many of our participants have also asked for lesson bundles developed specifically for their individual circumstances.

In response, we have developed our Business English as a Foreign Language One-to-One courses, which consist of a bundle of five lessons, each lasting two hours, delivered online either through Zoom Virtual Meet of Google Meet.

Developed specifically for the language and communication needs of foreign professionals who are already employed in the UK, but would like to progress within the company, or need to re-interview due to corporate restructuring as a result of the Covid Pandemic.

We have also supported learners attending Professional Development courses. Our support has helped participants acquire accredited Project Management qualifications, leading to promotions and salary increase.

After undertaking an Initial Assessment to establish the needs of the student, a Personalised Syllabus is compiled by the Tutor which will focus on your specific needs.

For example, if the individual works or is aiming to work in Project Management some of target language would cover the following topics:

  • Defining “project management”

  • Developing project management skills

  • Categorising different types of projects

  • Identifying and delivering on your client’s priorities

  • Managing stakeholders

  • Developing a project management plan

  • Assessing the feasibility of a project

  • Identifying and managing risks

We will also aim to discuss and understand the specific Company Culture to really target the language jargon needed to fit in within the Company and really thrive!

List of topics covered:

  • English for Project Management

  • English for Finance

  • English for Engineering

  • English for Health Care Professionals


Please contact us at to discuss your aims and requirements,

or for any queries.


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